It all started somewhere back in the 80’s with a Commodore Amiga (or the 70’s with a piano if you want to be picky). Four channels of 8 bit sound! After the beeps and pops of my old ZX Spectrum, I was in sequencer heaven.

Alas, poor backing-up and a hard drive crash or two meant that a fair amount of my early works are now lost in the celebrated mists of time. This is either a really good thing, or a shame, depending on your taste in these things!

But the spark carried through the decades making itself useful in various forms – mostly as backing music for games but sometimes popping up on television.

Nowdays I mostly prefer the spontaneity of playing out live to the stuffiness of a studio. I suspect though there may be a few tunes still to be recorded in the coming years, if only so I don’t forget them!

Anyhoo, the pieces here are but a small selection of the survivors from across the years – enjoy 🙂


Armegalo music in various styles from the MUSIC menu at the top

All music copyrighted by Richard Pringle