About the Wrath Series

To some, the Wrath Series might seem a excessively violent, blasphemous and frankly somewhat over the top. To others, it is simply a tongue-in-check piss-take of the Old Testament way of looking at things. God, vengeful and fearsome, dealing havoc on a more or less equal basis – for fun.

From my point of view, Wrath was born at a time when I was still coming to terms with my distaste with organised religion as a whole, having had a rather negative experience with Christianity.

Nowadays, whilst seeking my personal “inner peace” I am almost tempted to disassociate myself from the more violent of my old games… almost … but not quite. They are part of my history and took a lot of work. They’re still fun to play and in my opinion, still bloody funny.

So apologies to anyone that finds the series offensive – the golf games might be more to your taste 🙂 Anyway, Milk Crisis, inspired by the original exploding cows has nothing to do with religion. It’s still a bit cruel though!

~ Armegalo